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About WARS

Work Area Recovery Solutions is a company formed by the directors of CalQRisk an enterprise risk management company based in Shannon. As part of our risk assessment work we recognised a need for a work area recovery solution in the western half of Ireland.

In the event of a disaster that denies access to their building or the functionality of their building, transaction based enterprises depend on timely access to their data and a place to operate from. Many knowledge and transaction based enterprises have an expectation in their Business Continuity Plans that they will achieve a Minimum Essential Service (MES) within a defined period - their Maximum Tolerable Outage (MTO) - following a disaster.

Customer requirements, regulatory compliance, employee expectation and a growing sense of the dangers of failing to be effectively prepared for any loss event or disaster, is leading companies to seek mitigation of building loss and service loss.

Work Area Recovery Solutions offer a complete recovery solution including a place where business continuity plans can be tested and staff can be made familiar with the recovery process. This speeds recovery and eases concerns about distance to a recovery site many risk managers have with their current plans.

The model is simple; you pay an annual subscription /seat and you come and test your continuity plans. When disaster does strike, you are ready and you have a place to go to continue providing service to your customers.